Custom touchpad and touchscreen gestures

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Touchpad and touchscreen gestures

88 completely customizable gestures

Map any keyboard key or action to one of MultiSwipe's 88 gestures, change desktops, toggle apps, minimize windows, change volume or even log out. All at the tip of your fingers.

Easy to use and configure

Improve productivity.

With 2,3,4 and 5 finger gestures, there is no shortage of actions you can configure, making it easy to work or play more efficiently.

  • Switch between open apps with a 3 finger swipe, or change browser tabs with a tip-tap gesture
  • Move through, open or close virtual desktops using Deskpot or native support in Windows 10
  • Switch between operating systems using VMWare, remote desktop or any virtualization software
  • app switching
  • virtual desktop capabilities
  • Operating system switching

Easy to use and configure for both touchpads and touchscreens

MultiSwipe supports most modern touchpads, including Synaptics, Elan, Windows precision touchpads and Asus touchpads and all touchscreens.

Most modern multitouch touchpads are supported
All touchscreens are supported
Great app! I finally found a program that would let me define custom keys for my gestures.
Only program out there that allowed me to switch between operating systems with my touchpad, keep up the great work.
Can't believe it took so long for something like this to exist, this type of program should be preinstalled in every laptop out there.
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