Frequently Asked Questions

What touchpads are supported?

Why is MultiSwipe not working?

How many gestures does MultiSwipe have?

Why is MultiSwipe pixelated or parts of the User interface are cut off in Windows 10?

What configurations are possible with MultiSwipe?

What does 1 and n mean next to each gesture in MultiSwipe?

What are tip tap gestures?

How to install MultiSwipe?

When will there be an update?

Why is MultiSwipe not working with VMWare or other Virtualization Software?

What versions of Windows are supported?

Why does 2 finger scrolling not work or moves up and down when using MultiSwipe?

Why are Swipes too sensitive or unsensitive or why am I getting false recognitions?

3 and 4 finger swiping also trigers scrolling or other actions?

3 finger tap also triggers Cortana or other actions?

What is the correct syntax used to specify keys to MultiSwipe?